If you work in the administration, whether you are a director or an entrepreneur, this post is for you.

Yes, today we decide to make your life easier. Thanks to our advice, organising your dressing from Monday to Friday will be a game of children, all for a top image.

The business woman’s dress code hasn’t just been reduced to stiletto, pencil skirts and very serious jacket/pants together. Giving up our comfort and, above all, our personality has nothing to do with the career and being a businesswoman.

For starters, two golden rules that should not be forgotten:

1. The image we want to convey to others is paramount. Our professional goals are important and our look also comes to people. Communicating a sense of security, self-confidence and an irresistible urge to chew life to your teeth, these are attitudes that are unravel at first glance and that say a lot about you, so don’t forget it.

2. Watch out for the very thin border that separates the casual business style and sports-style outfits. Times have certainly changed, but there are things to remember: no to clothes above the knee at the office and make a cross on the sneakers.

Now that the basics have been laid, we are embarking on our five pieces of advice:

– Bet on monochromatic looks. The office is a serious and formal place and a 100% plain style will give the impression of lengthening your silhouette. Remember: navy blue is the new black.

– Put an imper in your life. We don’t leave you too much choice on this, you need one in your closet. Practical and stylish with equals, you’ll just be perfect

– Give the classic tailor and bet on palazzo trousers to wear with your coats and blazers. It sounds good, doesn’t it? So wait until you see you.

– Say yes to the midday skirt. With a knot coat? Trend, style and class brought together in the same outfit, thus forming the perfect equation.

– Throw yourself and change your classic office dress for long-sleeved combis. Feeling modern without losing a touch of elegance is possible when you know how to do it.

You’re ready to conquer the world.

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