How to dress for style?

How to dress for style?

It is not always easy to know how to dress, because it is learned over time and with the basic knowledge of fashion. Having trendy pieces is one thing, but knowing how to combine them to have style is another. Once you have all the keys to find your style of dress, you can choose all the pieces you want.


How can we define the style of dress?

Finding your look takes into account your style and the personal way you have to dress and combine your clothes. Fashion varies according to years and trends, while your style remains the same and pursues you throughout your life. Your personal style, when you found it, allows you to feel aligned with yourself. It is then important to know well, to know what you like, and also to know your morphology  (with our ebook) and the different ways to put it forward.

Why find his style of dress?

Finding your dress style allows you to have confidence in yourself and to earn your self-esteem. This makes you more creative and boosts the image you send back to others. A woman who knows how to highlight herself necessarily sends back a more secure image. You will see that you will gain more compliments, trust and well-being.

Be kind to yourself, so that you can bring your body and assets to the best of life. You must know how to recognize what is beautiful about you. Do not hesitate to ask your relatives for advice.

The tricks for having style in a few steps

To be always well dressed as well as adopt a look that looks like you and boosts your outfit, here are some tricks to apply on a daily basis:

    • Get back your trousers and tops: the goal is to unveil the ankles and wrists to feminize and highlight your body;
    • Leave your shoes visible: if you wear boots, try to fit your trousers inside, and make sure you see your shoes in their entirety;
    • Go back to the top in the pants or the skirt: it’s going to lengthen your legs, highlight your waist, and add something extra to your outfit.

Marking your waist to get dressed well

It is essential to mark one’s size well in order to have style. Indeed, it is one of the most feminine parts of your body, so it has to be highlighted. To enhance your size, think of wide or thin belts and scarves.

Regardless of your morphology, marking your height will highlight you and bring out your femininity. So bet everything on this asset.

If you don’t know what to wear :

What accessories and shoes to wear for dressing in style?

To dress in style, opt for quality shoes, with sturdy materials that can accompany you for several seasons. Pumps can be colored, to give your outfits character and style. The tights can also be patterned or with pretty prints to accessorize your outfits.

For jewelry, choose parts that make your look look look look look. Depending on your tastes and the style you want to give to your outfit, choose jewelry that fits your look.


In short, in order to dress in style, you have to know how to highlight one’s strengths, while applying a few simple rules, namely. Choosing clothes that you like is very important, but also easily learn how to combine them. With tricks to do with any garment, give style to your outfit and feel good about your daily outfits.

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