There are No extra charges when your order above $$$ usd Or if your order receipts below the $$$usd then you need to pay $$$ per delivery.

It depends on which city you’re from, here is an example if you’re from Karachi then Kaiam offer same day delivery if order recieved before 3PM otherwise your ordered will dilvered to your door 3 to 5 Working Days.

Also, we deliver your product within 2 Hours on buyer demand you can confirm calling us 01800 123-456

After ordering simply we prepare your order and deliver it to your door.

Yes of course you’ll receive an invoice with your product.


The payment takes real-time for example when you ordering a product at the same time you’ll pay of that product Or select cash on delivery.

Bassicaly it’s in very helpful feature proven, Here you have an option add wishlist your favorate product then can check that product anytime in your account wishlist section.

Here we have a suggestion for Please check your order when you received your product If you found your product is broken so immediately return that product to the rider otherwise we’re not responsible for it

Yes of course you can cancel and change your product anytime just you need to call us for this process 01-800-123-456.

Basically over developer build this system for buyer who can check what happening with my orders like the product was delivered, On Hold, Or canceled just check Order tracking page.