The 5 looks spotted on Instagram to adopt the V-collar sweater with style this winter.

We no longer count the precious minutes lost every morning at the conquest of the perfect outfit, and finally put on this basic everyday uniform.

This week, we are tackling the new fashion trend that is wreaking havoc in all the wardrobes of it-girls and that has invaded social networks. While it was mostly found in the male dressing room, the V-neck sweater that had long disappeared from trendy looks takes revenge on its neck cousin.

Thick merino wool, fine mesh, oversize or crop… The V-collar sweater will end up in all the most advanced looks of the season. It is no surprise that all fashion signs have released their version of this cosy sweater with soft vintage airs.

So as soon as the inspirational outage points to the tip of its nose you will know what to put on to cook winter looks to fall.

With a white-necked t-shirt slipped under the sweater for a male touch at will, combined with ribbed velvet trousers and a pair of pointed-tipped boots, you’re dressed in the stylish outfit that will keep you warm all winter. But of course the fashion possibilities with a V-neck sweater are endless, and you’ve been selected the 5 trendy looks that you’ll want to wear all season.

This selection, spotted on Instagram on the most fashionistas in vogue of the moment, will give you the daily mode inspiration dose of this winter. All you have to do is add a navy blue, anthracite grey, or red, V-neck sweater to complete your wardrobe.

1. How do you wear the V-collar sweater when you’re a woman? Juggling with the right basics for a feminine and elegant look

Who said that the V-collar sweater was only reserved for the male dressing room? On the contrary, even if it had disappeared from our closets in recent years, the V-collar sweater is still a fashionable asset for us women. So this season we clear our neck with this newcomer.

With a simple raw jeans and a pair of white Sambas signed Adidas or a pair of moccasins, you’re sure to be furious. A look of unwirestanding simplicity, but how fast fashion. The masculine look takes a prominent place in our women’s wardrobes.


2. Which T-shirt to adopt under a V-neck sweater?

The answer is very simple: opt for a white, basic, round-necked T-shirt. For a fashionable and ultra-trendy look, you have to see the T-shirt under our V-neck sweater. The round neckline visible thanks to the more or less plunging V will finish the look. Yes, when it comes to trends, everything is in the details, even the most subtle.

To warm the look, we can also opt for a chimney collar top that will prevent the cold from rushing under your sweater.

3. Mix and match: Pink V-neck sweater and burgundy ribbed trousers

We dare the mix of colors for a little more fun. For those who like colorful outfits, you’re going to be served. Indeed, ready-to-wear signs flood us with colored pieces, and the V-neck sweater did not pass between the meshes of the net. Our crush, this pale pink V-colored sweater , to shop on La Redoute, which will be combined with burgundy or dark brown ribbed trousers without forgetting the pair of red sneakers, another trend of the season. And here you are with a colorful and pointed outfit.

4. The V-neck sweater dress for a chic look and comfort

Ideal for laden days, the sweater dress is the perfect option for a day warm without compromising comfort or even style. For this season, it is adopted in its V-neck variant which will marry very well with a pair of santiags, biker boots or even moccasins with a pair of socks if the weather permits.

5. Sleeveless V-neck sweater with a shirt underneath

Another variant and not the least stylish: the Sleeveless V-neck sweater. Much appreciated by layering fans, this option will be the coolest and most sharp. Choose a sweater perfectly to your size, which will leave enough room to accommodate a blouse or an XXL collar or just a T-shirt. To warm the outfit, an oversize blazer or a wool coat at the maximum length will do perfectly.

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