How to choose your bra according to the size and shape your chest?

The quest for the perfect bras is a bit like looking for the Holy Grail, isn’t it? We all want this magical piece that supports us, flatters us, and makes us feel like goddesses, but how do we find ourselves in this ocean of lace, cups, guipides and shoulder straps to find THE ideal brassiere for our precious breast?

Love your chest, the base of everything.

Yes, ladies, every breast is unique. Have you ever taken the time to really look at yours? Its shape, its size, the way it arises naturally? This step is fundamental to choosing a brassiere that will not only suit you, but will also enhance you. And believe me, when you wear the adapted brassiere, you immediately feel more confident, sexier, and even more powerful. Isn’t that amazing what a piece of fabric can do?

For generous breasts

If you are blessed with a generous chest, congratulations. You are spoilt for choice. But be careful, it is not a question of throwing yourself into any model. For you, bras with armatures and deep-cups are the ones that will best enhance your breasts. They offer optimal support, while drawing nicely your silhouette. Don’t worry about the frames. When they are well chosen, they are not your enemies, but your faithful guardians, ensuring that everything stays in place, comfortably and gracefully.

What about the little breasts? Long live freedom.

As for you, ladies and more modest chests, you have the chance to be able to play with a wider variety of styles. Bralettes, triangle bras, headbands… Lightness is your key word. These models, in addition to being incredibly comfortable, have the gift of sublimating the little breasts by giving them a natural and delicate look. And why not dare the models a little more daring? A little lace here, a little bit of transparency over there, and lo and behold, you’re not only comfortable, but also irresistibly chic.

The apple-shaped breast

Imagine an apple, round and full. If your chest looks like this, full and balanced, you are spoilt for choice. Your goal is to find a brassiere that offers good support while highlighting this natural roundness. Balconut bras are perfect for this. They surround the chest beautifully and offer adequate support without overcovering. Ideal for necklines. And why not a little lace to add a touch of femininity?

The pear-shaped one

The pear-shaped chest is this chest that has a natural downward inclination, much like the soft curve of a pear. Here, we’re looking for a brassiere that provides additional support at the bottom to slightly raise the chest. Push-up bras or those with half-moon caps are your best friends. They will help create a more rounded shape at the top, thus balancing the silhouette. It’s like giving Mother Nature a little bit of a boost.

The “Lemon” form

For lemon-shaped, elongated and slightly smaller breasts, freedom is your watchword. The bralettes, triangle bras or even the headbands are perfect for this type of breast. They provide sufficient support while highlighting the natural shape of your chest. With these styles, you can play with fun details like cutouts or patterns, adding a fancy strand to your lingerie.

Melon breasts

If your breast looks like a beautiful, voluminous and well rounded melon, support is your main criterion. You need a brassiere that can handle this volume with ease. Armature models with enveloping cups are perfect for this. They hold everything in place while giving a beautiful shape to the chest. And don’t be afraid of big cups. They’re here to give you the comfort and style you deserve.

Asymmetrical shapes

Now let’s talk about asymmetric breasts, a subject that’s often taboo, but oh how important. If your two “twins” aren’t quite the same, don’t panic. This is the case for many women. The trick here is to choose a brassiere with adjustable upholstered cups or removable pads. This makes it possible to balance the silhouette while remaining natural. And don’t forget, asymmetry has its charm. It’s a peculiarity that makes you unique and special.

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