Skirt on trousers: how to adopt the trend without mistaken?

Unlikely as it may seem, one of the trendiest fashion trends of the 2000s – and one of the most lamented – has made a comeback this year.

This unexpected Y2K trend is nothing less than the superimposition of a dress or skirt over pants. That’s right. The ultimate exercise in style, this daring fashion combo is the hottest combination of the moment, and we tell you how to master it in this article!

Without further ado, here are our tips and tricks for adopting the skirt-over-pants trend without making a mistake.

The Secrets of a successful skirt + pants look

We’re not going to lie, . Between a mix of materials, a mixture of colours and control of volumes, there are many risks of committing a fashion misstep, but meeting the challenge is not impossible.

You are told the secrets of fashionistas.

Boosting its capital trust

If fashion is a matter of cuts, colors and associations (in particular),

The first secret to a successful look in skirts and trousers is simple: you have to take it completely. If you approach the pavement full of doubts by being convinced that everyone is looking at you and making fun of your style, it is the sure failure.

On the contrary, get out of your chin high and bulging chest at home:

Managing volumes well

jupe avec pantalon femme

The biggest risk in combining a dress or skirt with pants is to make a mistake when it comes to volume: a skirt that’s too trapeze-like, pants that are too wide, a dress that’s too short, pants that are too slim… One mistake is enough to break the harmony of your silhouette and make you look, at your choice, cramped, short, pudgy, skinny, and a whole host of other unlovely adjectives.

In short, when layering pants and skirts, pay attention to the lengths and cuts of both pieces to create harmonious lines. And, unfortunately, there aren’t really any rules in this area: you’ll have to experiment with combinations to see what works for you (don’t hesitate to ask an honest friend for help!).
Mixing materials and colors

The final secret to a successful look with a dress or skirt over pants: a controlled mix of materials, patterns and/or colors.

Generally speaking, the easiest way to achieve a successful look is to choose pants and skirts in the same tones and materials. For example, charcoal grey pants under a charcoal grey skirt; navy blue pants with vertical stripes under a skirt in the same tones, and so on.

The only exception is denim, which, as always, works with all colors and materials.
3 skirt-and-pants ideas for inspiration

Finally, we’ve put together 3 trendy skirt or dress-over-pants look ideas to inspire your next outfits!
Punk-inspired look

For this look, slip on a red tartan miniskirt over black jeans, with a pair of lace-up ankle boots and a sober knit top. Add a denim jacket for a distinctly punk aesthetic, or an oversized black blazer for something wiser.

Either way, finish the look with a micro-bag slung over the shoulder for a chic touch.
Chic tailored look

jupe sur pantalon femme

Ideal for , this look makes you look chic and ultra-trendy.

To achieve this, you will need a suit-supset straight pair and a matching miniskirt, ideally a wallet cut so that the demarcation between the trousers and the skirt is discreet. Upstairs, put on a white shirt and your favorite jacket; at the feet a pair of jaw moccasins, and you’re perfect.

A bag will complete this suit nicely.

Bohemian-chic look

For the latter look, you will need a midday or mid-flower dress and long, blue or black jeans according to your preferences. Link these two pieces to a pair of open sandals, with or without heels according to your preference, and add a bag to choose from.

Note that , which would further create a new demarcation, and potentially a significant imbalance. If you are afraid of being cold, put on a plain long-sleeved top under your dress to add another layering level (and fashion).



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