What is vabbing, the astonishing trend?

Addicted to social networks or not, you’ve seen the latest trend that falters TikTok (among other things): vabbing.

The dabbingterm “vabbing”

The promise? A huge success with the male gentleman, who would be irresistibly attracted to your sex pheromones.

We are proposing to tell you today to unravel the truth from the fake of this case, to .

The vabbing, where does it come from?

As always when it comes to viral trends born on networks, it is difficult to find the exact origin of the buzz. In this case,

However, according to the online magazine , vabbing is not new. According to the legend, it is after listening to an episode of the podcast , had begun to use transpiration taken from his genital area as a perfume, that a young listener of the show had .

Then, thanks to the magic of the Internet, the technique was

The vabbing was born and, according to TikTok, makes men fall like flies.

How does it work?

As you will have understood, applying some of its vaginal secretions to the neck or wrists would have a truly miraculous effect on its seductive ability. But what exactly would this effect be due to?

According to the dusts of vabbing, its extraordinary efficacy would simply be due to .

In other words, the fact that men “feel” the pheromones applied to a woman’s neck would be enough to make her very attractive, immediately.

The problem is that, of course, .


Secondly, . It has not been shown at all that using its vaginal secretions as a fragrance has an impact (whatever it is) on men. Of course, ignorance is even greater if we move away from the heterosexual framework:

In short, it is in a sea of scientific ignorance that the vabbing trend is floating.

Should we test vabbing?

Normally, at this point, you will have guessed that .

However, there is no exception that vabbing does have a positive impact on the seductive capital of the person who practises it, . Feeling sexier, a woman is more confident, more enterprising and is therefore more likely to seduce a man (or whoever she wants).


Vabbing: instructions for use

If the experience tempts you, you will only have to harvest the precious essence with your fingers, preferably inside the vagina rather than the vulva, and then dabble the substance where its perfume is usually put: behind the ears, along the neck and inside the wrists.

However, in order to avoid any inconvenience associated with this practice, .

What should be retained:

  • Varbbing consists in using one’s own viginal secretions as a perfume.
  • Thanks to the pheromones that these fluids would contain, the “vabber” would be instantly more attractive to men.
  • However, none of these claims is supported by scientific data, the very existence of pheromones in humans is still being debated by the scientific community.
  • If you want to try it, think about washing your hands before and avoid practicing if you have an active STI.
  • Whether it’s a placebo effect or it actually works and you achieve your goal, if you have a real love killer ( granny panties ), all your efforts will be in vain, don’t forget to wear nice underwear :

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