What dish to choose for the end-of-year holidays?

The end-of-year holidays are the ideal time to wear an outfit that fills the eyes of the eye. It is also the most recommended time to wear chic, scintillating clothes and daring a new look. However, this choice may be corneal because of the many possible styles and clothing available. To help you solve this dilemma, this article deciphers the specialty of Christmas and New Year’s outfits. What do you need to know to sublimate your pace during this period?

The Ideal Dress for Christmas

tenue idéale pour Noël

For Christmas Eve evening, you can choose different clothes depending on your tastes and style. Enthusiasts evening attire will favor a trendy and comfortable look in order to enjoy hearty meals without being compressed by a dress that is too tight.

Choose a straight dress, a wide combination or an elastic waist skirt. You can also combine a sequin coat with wide pants. As you can see with this collection of evening dresses, do not hesitate to dare to red or gold in your outfit. This will allow you to change traditional dark tones.

For those who want to change the usual little black dress, bet on the latest trends: coloured velvet or leather jacket trousers with a sequin combination. You can also try the lace looks, which still have a small effect in this period. To shine throughout the evening, opt for a wallet dress, a ballooned sleeve coat or a skater skirt designed with Lurex.

For the day after New Year’s Eve, if you’re a fan of Bridget Jones, you can combine a Christmas sweater with high-waisted pants. To go further, you can even put a printed model, the famous “ugly sweaters,” to be completely in symbiosis with this time of year.

New Year: more like a party dress or pants?



For the New Year, there is no pre-established rule for outfits. The only valid instruction is to please you and feel comfortable. Slender and rather thin women can therefore opt for a short, straight dress. For those who have an A or hourglass morphology, it is preferable to choose a dress marked at the waist.

If you want to display yourself elegantly for New Year’s Eve, choose a long evening dress instead. You can wear it by bustier to leave your shoulders uncovered and display a glamorous style. If you feel able to, accessorize it with dizzying pumps to give you a sophisticated look and an inimitable look.

If you want to bet on sobriety, prioritize a black dress. Keep in mind, however, that at this time of year, temperatures are very low. To avoid getting cold, provide a more colorful and structured jacket or jacket.

If you enjoy the modern, refined style much more, bet on chic black pants. It adapts to all tops, including those in flakes and sequins. It can also matches with several pairs of shoes and accessories. For the New Year, you can put on a suit pants with a blazer. This very elegant outfit will undoubtedly reveal your best assets.

What pair of shoes to wear for parties?

To sublimate your outfits, bet stubble on spine. With your most beautiful evening dress, you can, for example, adopt a model with strips or metallic bronze. If comfort is a key criterion for you, choose black boots with a wider heel.

Those who do not wish to catch a cold can choose closed shoes with flakes. If you prefer to bet on comfort and avoid taking risks, try moccasins. They are an excellent option for staggering heels and a safe value for being chic. They blend perfectly with the ready-made Christmas dinner looks.

For a walk in winter, during the holidays, choose leather sneakers and more specifically white sneakers. They are perfect for breaking too conventional a hold. In order to add more style to a jeans and wool sweater combo, choose lace-up boots. They adapt to all tastes and are perfect to be chic without doing too much.

The importance of accessories for partywear


Accessories are very important in partywear, because they bring a touch of elegance and style. They also add distinctive elements that allow you to be beautified. They are also able to bring a touch of glamour, draw attention to key details, or complete your general style. Likewise, they can reflect a festive occasion or express your personality in a unique way.

In order to choose your accessories, take into account the material of manufacture. For bracelets, for example, prioritize materials that complement each other with your look. Also, adopt these models that subtly match the style of your outfit. Above all, do not hesitate to overlay necklaces or bracelets with elegance in order to avoid visual clutter. Finally, make sure that the colors complement each other. You can also bet on timeless jewelry that is suitable for all occasions.

A special fragrance for parties?

For Christmas Eve, select a gourmet and refined perfume. For this purpose, you have the choice between floral fragrances, citrus and woody notes. The musk can instantly evoke the magic of the holiday season. As for fruity fragrances, they give a tonic and greedy touch.

At the New Year, bet on a fragrance with amber notes or flowery aromas. Since on the occasion of the festivals several perfumers offer variations of their great classic, you can choose these if you are afraid to be wrong. Failing this, set your sights on the fragrances created exclusively for the end-of-year holidays. You can also opt for a fragrance box with a shower gel with the same odor.

The boxes include everything necessary to create a complete parfumed care ritual: body milk, eau de parfum, bath bomb, shower gel, etc. Scented ambience candles create a warm atmosphere and immerse yourself in your childhood. The vaporizers are the best alternative for perfumering all the rooms of the house on the occasion of the holidays.


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