Jellyfish cut: everything you need to know about the jellyfish haircut

Looking for inspiration for your next haircut? If you like hairstyles that are both original, trendy and arty, you’re likely to have the jellyfish cut, or “jellyfish cut.” From Nicole Kidman to Joan Smalls to Lily Collins, this haircut is absolutely everywhere.

We tell you everything you need to know about the nozzle hair cut in this article.

What does the leader cut look like?

Jellyfish cut
The jellyfish cut, is an asymmetric haircut that is boxed in the same category as mule. In its classic version, the jellyfish cut has two different lengths: a first, at the front, which stops about at the clerks of the lips, and a second, at the back, longer. Normally, there is no additional gradation, just those two “stalls” that frame the face. The ray and in principle in the middle and the boldest add a right fringe, but the latter is not mandatory.

In other words, the jellyfish cut literally draws inspiration from the shape of the eponymous animal by mixing two hair very classic haircuts: the bob and the long hair, quite simply.

The different versions of jellyfish cut

In practice, the cut ofe-in-wicking hair can of course be worked on in different ways to adapt to the face and the cravings of the one that wears it, here are some examples.

Fring jellyfish – short cut

If you have a short cut, you can definitely adopt the jellyfish cut. All you need to do is keep locks long at the front (at the mouth or jaws) and shorten the back. You can even add a short fringe for an even more original effect.

Frange – jellyfish section – long hair

Alternatively, if you have half-length or long hair (and a good dose of boldness): opt for a short straight fringe, a first section in the front that falls on the jaws, and then your lengths at the back.

Fringe – jellyfish-style square – some long wicks

 carré façon jellyfish

Even bolder, this version of the jellyfish cup is perfect if you feel like playing the first-degree card. In this case, bet on a short straight fringe, a short square (at the mouth) over your entire head, except for a few locks that you will leave long. The latter, of course, represent the tentacles of your jellyfish, as you will have guessed.

The jellyfish cut discrete version

Finally, if you want to try the jellyfish cut but without being so drastic, you just have to depart from the rule that a jellyfish cut is not degraded. Indeed, if you make a gradation over the entire hair, wolf cut for example, the short wicks of the front will melt more easily, and the result will thus be more discreet.

What face to adopt a melted cut?

jellyfish cut coupe cheveux tendance

The advantage of arty cuts such as the mule cut or, as far as we are concerned, the jellyfish cup is that they are so structured and disruptive that we can get rid of the usual visagist considerations.

That is to say, the melting cut, in reality, goes no one, and so it goes to everyone. No face shape is actually highlighted by a cross-section at the level of the jams of the lips, whatever. On the other hand, it is an ideal cut to reveal oneself, to dare to a hairstyle that is out of the ordinary and to adopt a stronger look.

What types of hair is the light of a break?

The same applies to the type of hair: a jelly cut requires being well styled to express its full potential, so if it envys you, do not deprive yourself because of curly hair, on the contrary.

However, it is obvious that smooth hair will be easier to set up with a jellyfish cut than an abundant curled mane, but if you are willing to devote time to it, why not?

How do you style his jellyfish cut?

As we were just talking about, the jellyfish cut is clearly one of the cuts that are being talked about on a daily basis, it is impossible to get out of the shower and go to the office, leaving its hair to dry freely.

In order for the jelly-maker to have a small effect, it is necessary to place its locks and fringes properly, if necessary, so that they can frame the face well. Also, a little hair dryer (or even a little blow-drying if your hair is undisciplined), with a touch of wax and shine-sh will be expected daily or almost daily.

In addition, if you want to keep your jellyfish cut on point, you will have to go regularly to your hairdresser to have the wicks cut in the front, and possibly your fringes if you have one.

And even if the jellyfish cut seems easy to do and maintain yourself, you are strongly advised against it. All its charisma lies in its perfectly asymmetrical structure, which you will definitely not be able to achieve in DIY.

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