How to remove the skin without damaging it?

Make-up removal must be an integral part of women’s beauty routine, whether or not they are made up. Removing make-up makes it possible to have a healthier skin, free of its impurities. It must be said that there are more and more make-up-removing products on the market, how do we know which make-up remover to use? Wipes, make-up-removing oils, milks, some options are preferable depending on its skin type. You also need to know the basics of a good make-up removal that does not damage the fragile skin of the face. Tips and advice to make a choice is over here.

False beliefs about skin make-up

Many women believe that the make-up remover is only used to remove the make-up residue. This is a somewhat mistaken belief. Indeed, when making up, it is indeed essential to remove the make-up at the end of the day. Foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, all these products clog the pores of the skin. They prevent him from breathing. But be careful, other external factors have the same effect. Pollution, UV, the care products that are applied, the tobacco, your skin is stressed throughout the day. So it always accumulates dirt. And this dirt, we have to take it off.

Focusing on the eyes, mouth and cheekbones because they have been made up is good, but removing the whole make-up make-up is even better. This integral gesture combined with a suitable skin cleansing is what makes you have a nice complexion.

Do or don’t: the basics of a good skin removal


Many women tend to rub the skin vigorously to remove make-up. This innocuous gesture is sometimes too aggressive for the fragile skins that we have. In the long term, this can cause irritation, redness, and even increased sensitivity of the epidermis. Instead, it would simply be necessary to perform gentle and circular movements in order to remove oneself. It is also essential to use a natural cotton ball without harmful and non-bleached ingredients. Using the right make-up remover is one thing, but applying it with good support is another. So take care to remove your make-up with soft, natural cotton wool.

The second very important point with the removal of the make-up: the ingredients used. Stop with aggressive make-up removers that thaw the skin. And believe us, there are a number of them on the market. Allergens, parabens, essential oils, several ingredients can irritate your skin and make it fragile. It is always better to bet on soft and natural products.

Choose your make-up removeer according to the nature of your skin

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I have dry skin

Dry skin is not hydrated. They are very reactive to external aggressions. This is the best value of using soft and moisturizing products to remove make-up. In particular, it is recommended that these skin types give preference to make-up removers without rinsing, such as lotions or milks. Yes, few women know, but limestone water can dry dry more.

I have greasy skin

Oily skin has an excess of sebum. They should therefore use cosmetic care and skin care with caution. Our recommendation for his skins? Escape aggressive and irritating ingredients, alcohol type, perfumes, etc. A purifying and natural make-up remover product is needed to regulate excess sebum. Jelly, light and fluid foams and micellar waters are your allies. Selected with the right ingredients, they will not leave any greasy films on the skin. They will thoroughly clean the dirt residues.

I’m doing acne

In acne, alcohol-based make-up removers or irritant ingredients are avoided at all costs. On the other hand, we’re going to look for products that don’t impact the quality of our hydrolipid film. Ingredients that respect skin Phil are needed. You can, for example, give preference to frosts or micellar waters formulated for acneic skin.

I have sensitive skin


Because of their sensitivity, sensitive skin is fragile. The slightest ingredient that is irritating the skin. This is the priming of redness, pimples, tautness, etc. For these skins, the wipes and cottons which by friction can therefore be avoided. Ideally, you should use a fatty substance for sensitive skin (a product that dissolves make-up) or a neutral Ph soap.

Now that you know which type of make-up remover to you, remember the skin cleansing that needs to follow. Make-up and cleaning are not equally useful. It is the combo of the two that will cleanse and purify your epidermis.

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