How do you make a fancy tropical decoration?

Warm, exotic and colorful, the choking tropical decoration is ultra-trendy right now in the world of interior decoration. Ideal for those who want to escape by opening the door of their homes, this decoration will also suit nature lovers very well, who never have enough plants to their liking.

Find all our tips for a successful chocolate deco in your home in this article.

The chic tropical decoration, Kezako?

The chic tropical interior decoration could be defined as the successful marriage between the elegance of colonial influences, the warmth of an exotic deco, and the serenity unleashed by a plant atmosphere.

In a decoration in a tropical chic style, the plants (true or false) are honored in order to create an atmosphere reminiscent of the jungle and in which is inserted, almost discreetly, a comfortable and clean furniture that invites relaxation. A few touches of colour recall the bright shades of the jungle people: insects with pearly shades, colored birds and other rare mammals.

The materials you need for a successful choice tropical decoration

décoration tropical chic

To recreate this fabulous atmosphere at home, you will have to select suitable materials, both for furniture and for decorative accessories.

The first piece of advice you can be given in this register is to give absolutely priority to natural materials, foremost among which wood, rattan and other raffia are the best allies of a chic tropical decoration.

With regard to wood, you can opt for a light wood if you like, which will recall the natural shades of raffia and straw; or choose a dark (tinted or natural) wood that will remind us of exotic woods so much appreciated in a colonial decoration.

We also like, of course, bamboo, cotton, jute cloth, linen, etc.

The colours to be preferred to create a chic jungle atmosphere

In terms of colors, as you can imagine, it is once again the natural that we must give priority, and more particularly to green, in all its variations. From the intense dark green of the large canopy leaves to softer greeners of banana leaves, to lighter shades reminiscent of drying bamboo, the green is decidedly THE color of a successful chewing tropical decoration.

In addition to all this green, we also add blue: turquoise to recall the sea, cyan to echo the sky or even dark blue or duck blue for the chic touch.

You can also add khaki, brown, beautiful browns, some touches of black…

Key elements of a chic tropical decoration

Beyond the dominant materials and colors, there are a few decorative elements that will instantly give a tropical chic look to your interior, here are the main ones.

Vegetable wallpaper

papier peint décoration végétale exotique

With the vegetal wallpaper, you are sure to get a wow effect for a minimum of effort. Add it to a full wall accent wall or use it to create volumes, for example by forming an arch on which you will place shelves. You can also turn it into a bedhead, stripes on a wall, or just lined a small room like toilets or a closet.

Plants abound

As we were talking about, plants are literally the queens of a successful choking tropical deco, so don’t deprive yourself. Do not hesitate, for example, to create a real wall of plants, hang several plants falling on the ceiling, make lianan plants climb around your door frames … And, of course, multiply the plants to be laid. However, be careful to choose species that are suitable for the luminosity and warmth of your apartment and that enjoys company from each other, it is essential.

Jungle-patterned household linen

déco tropicale chic

To prolong the tropical effect down to the smallest detail, try to choose assorted household linen: duvet covers, sofa pouches, tablecloths and even tea towels, why not.

The most daring will go so far as to lay tropical printed curtains to perfect the whole.

Decorative accessories in caning

déco jungle chic

Canning is a must in a choking tropical decoration. Remarkable on chest of drawers, boarding doors and chair seats, it is also welcome on smaller decorative accessories, such as hanging lamps or jewelry boxes.

Besides, do not hesitate to use this material to cycle a piece of furniture that you no longer like or have a fleacent, it is easy and ultra-trendy.

A carpet made of jute cloth or sea ring

Finally, to put the final touch of your choking tropical decoration, add a large jute cloth or sea ring carpet. These materials will be perfect for bringing warmth and elegance to an interior, especially if your floor is tiled or lino.

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