How do you choose the perfect announcement for your wedding?

So, are you getting married? Congratulations. This is the time to taste the joys of the preparations. First stop: the announcement of marriage. It’s not just a card, oh no. This is the teaser of your lover blockbuster. You want your guests to be as excited as fleas at the thought of your big day, right?

How do you define the theme of your wedding?

So let’s start with the beginning: what’s the theme of your love story? Your wedding is your own movie. If it were a cinematic genre, which one would it be? Romantic at the “Star Sunny”? Adventurous “Indiana Jones in a tuxed” way? Your marriage must reflect this blockbuster. A vintage theme? Think old paper and typo dactylo. A country wedding? Wild flowers and recycled paper, pardi. Every detail counts to announce your union as unique as your duo.

What are the key elements of a successful marriage announcement?

faire part mariage tendance

Now, let’s talk about the secret ingredients of a momentary announcement as a summer tube. First, the info. Clarity and charm, that is the watchword. Who, what, where, when–but with a plume zest. Your names should dance on paper like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

The layout is the party’s DJ: it has to make things move without crushing the dance floor. A skilful mix of fonts, but without turning the invitation into a carnival of letters. The paper? This is the dress or the costume of your announcement. Textted for a “wow, it’s nice” or smooth for a “oh, so modern. ”

And personalization is the icing on the cake. Add a pinch of “you”: a quote, a little anecdote, or an illustration that tells your pilot episode.

What if we pushed creativity a step higher to announce your union? Because a fact-out is much more than just an invitation: it’s the essence of your love story captured on paper. This is where your talent as a storyteller comes into play. You’re the heroes of this epic, so why not add a bit of narration to your share?

And why not a little paragraph that tells you about your meeting, like “Once Once…”. Or maybe a funny anecdote that is unique to you, that will make your guests smile by opening the envelope. This is your chance to give a taste of the mood of your wedding. Will it be a sparkling romantic comedy? An epic adventure? Or a poem of timeless love?

What are the trends in the announcement?

faire part mariage tendance plage

Trends are what hashtags are at Instagram: indispensable. This year is the call of nature with plant motifs and a fairytale atmosphere. In the form, for example, maps that seem straight out of an enchanted forest, where every leaf and flower seem to whisper your love story. It is a veritable festival of greenery and romanticism. Think of delicate illustrations of foliage, floral prints that seem to dance on paper, and why not, a hint of flakes to bring that touch of magic.

But wait, that’s not all. Textures also take centre stage. Paper with a natural grain, such as caressed by forest fairies, or a watercolor effect reminiscent of the misty mornings of a bucolic landscape. What about color? Sweet greens, celestial bruises, and touches of pastel rose that add almost melodic softness.

The pastel colors are also in the front of the stage, bringing this sweetness of a marshmallow to the corner of the fire. But don’t forget: trends are good, but your personality is better. If you’re the kind of wearing unmatched socks, why not opt for a colourful and bolder share?

When to send his wedding announcements?

Timing is kind of the choreography of marriage planning, isn’t it? Too soon, and your guests may forget. Too late, and they might already have planned another event that day. So when is the perfect time to launch these little hairy-forged paper rockets?

The general rule is to send your announcements about four to six months before the big day. Are you organizing a wedding with great pomp, a red carpet in Cannes? Go six months in advance so that your guests can book their first-class flight. If it is a little more local, four months should be enough for everyone to reserve the date.

But be careful, there’s a twist. If you have guests from distant backgrounds, think of them. In this case, a “save the date” can be an excellent opening, sent a few weeks upstream of the announcements, to give them time to plan their expedition.

And then there’s the question of the RSVP. You want to be sure how many people will be present. So set a response date one month before the wedding, to have time to run after the latecomers (because there are always some).

Choosing your announcement is like writing the script of your own romantic comedy. It must vibrate to the rhythm of your story, titillate the curiosity of your guests and open the curtain on your magical day. So, to your feathers, future writers of love, and let the show begin.

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