Give your sweats up a new shot with these 10 maintenance tips

Preventing is better than healing.

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First of all, when it comes to sweating, prevention is better than cure. The more you take care of your sweater every day, the older it will grow,

To do this,

On the other hand, , even if it is not rated black and white. In particular, think about washing your sweaters upside down, give as much attention to delicate cycles as much as possible (the wiping is softer, which involves less friction, and therefore less spoiled sweaters) and avoid the clothes dryer as much as possible.

And, of course, for the most delicate materials such as cashmere, silk, angora or certain man-made or artificial fibers, , or else entrust its treasures to a drying-cleaning when washing is prohibited.

Remove the boilers from a mesh sweater

One of the most common concerns with stitch sweaters is the appearance of bouloches, which certainly give an old-fashioned sweater appearance.

Electric razors specially designed to

Recover a wool sweater that has shrunk when washing

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If you made a washing error and your XXL wool sweater has narrowed, you can still try to get it back

Then rinse the sweater with cold water and dry it flat, between two towels, taking care to give it the shape you want it to take.

Giving back from radiance to a colorful sweater

For a colorful sweater that has lost radiance, you can try to soak it in a mixture of water and salt to revive its color. Provided, of course, that its composition allows it.

Prevent a sweater from losing hair

If you have an angora sweater that has an unfortunate tendency to lose hair everywhere, you can try to stem the phenomenon by placing it in the freezer for 4 to 8 hours, in a freezer bag.

Give back from sweetness to a sweater that scratches

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As the washes progress, it is not uncommon for a sweater to originally become creekered and scratch. Fortunately,

Giving the swollen to a mesh sweater

If you notice that your sweaters tend to lose swelling as they are washed, it is likely to be because of the limestone and/or the fibers saund with washing laundry after washing. To limit this phenomenon, , it’s dreadful.

Recover a bright white sweater on a tarnished white sweater

To find a whiter than white sweater without a toxic product, we turn once again to our friend white vinegar. Remember to add a glass to each white laundry, you will prevent your clothes from turning grey.

Getting rid of bad smells on a sweater

To get rid of bad odours effectively on a sweater without going through the laundry box, here’s a very effective grandmother’s tip: vodka. This is because alcohol is very effective at destroying malodorous molecules, .

Do you dry your sweater well to keep its shape and softness

To keep your favorite sweaters in shape and softness, and in addition to being careful when washing, you also need to be careful when drying.

The dryer is of course forbidden but, sweaters, once full of water, are heavy, so heavy that if they dry hang up, they deform. It is therefore necessary to dry flat, on an ideally sponge towel.


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