Extensions of eyelashes: which ones to choose for a natural effect?

If you are tempted by the idea of having a deer’s eye-dryer’s eyelash view from the effortless to bedtime thanks to the eyelashes, but you are hesitating for fear of too unnatural a result, this article is made for you.

Indeed, while XXL eyelash extensions have been high for several years, the trend is currently more natural. The professionals of the eye have understood this well and now offer very discreet eyelash extensions to women who want to sublimate their eyes rather than change it.

Find out what kind of eyelash extensions to choose for a natural result in this article, and some tips for maintaining them well.

Which eyelash extension technique should be preferred for a natural look?

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First of all, we must know that there are no 50 ways of laying eyelash extensions, in reality, there are only two: the Russian volume and the eyelash.

  • The Russian volume technique: it consists in placing about 3 to 6 extensions per natural eyelash. The result is therefore very much provided, very voluminous, and, necessarily, not very natural. It is an eyelash extension technique that is more suitable for women who are used to making up every day, and who crave a sophisticated result.
  • The eyelash technique: with this technique, only one natural eyelash extension is added. The result is much more natural. This is the most widely used technique, and the one you are advised to do if you are looking for a natural look.

What should be paid to when laying?

Choosing the right technique is already good, but it is not enough. Attention must also be paid to a few elements when laying in order to obtain as natural a result as possible. The idea is that extensions are almost imperceptible on your eye. We tell you everything.

Watch out for the curvature.

The first element you need to ensure is that the curvature of the extensions should match that of your natural eyelashes. By the way, take the time to see what your natural eyelashes look like: are they bent the same way over the whole eyelid? Do not hesitate to discuss this with your beautician when you pose.

And spacing

Another important criterion for keeping a natural gaze by wearing eyelash extensions is their spacing. Just as with curvature, care must be taken to keep about the same spacing as your natural eyelashes in order to achieve as natural an effect as possible.

But don’t worry, your beautician will do that very well.

Thickness and length: don’t overdo it

Last but not least, when choosing extensions: opt for a reasonable thickness and a length equivalent to that of your natural eyelashes. Yes, for if the temptation is great to lengthen your eyelashes and thicken your fringe considerably, and that is how you end up with a hyper-worked look, not at all natural.

So be reasonable on both criteria.

The subject of extensions

There are extensions of eyelashes made from different materials, but those which offer the most natural result are undoubtedly the extensions of silk eyelashes. This natural material offers a slightly bright effect, which is very close to a natural eyelash.

On the other hand, avoid, if possible, extensions of synthetic eyelashes, which are often criticized for their “plastic” effect.

Note, however, that silk eyelash extensions are in principle more expensive, this element must be taken into account when you choose, because the note can quickly rise.

How do you take care of your eyelash extensions?

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To keep your (natural) bedroom look as long as possible, you need to take care of your extensions on a daily basis. Fortunately, there is nothing very complicated, just a few good things to do.

First, for 48 hours after fitting, avoid wetting your eyelash extensions. The adhesive used takes time to completely dry and become impermeable.

Then, a daily, use a water-based make-up remover and avoid all the greasy products: they are dreadful for glue. Similarly, the sources of steam should be avoided as much as possible.

Brush them gently morning and evening to keep their beautiful curvature and avoid packages at all costs.

Finally, if you feel like taking your eyelash extensions away, don’t do it yourself. At your beautician’s house so that she can take them away gently, without tearing off your natural eyelashes…

What to remember

  • For a natural result, preference is given to eyelash extensions with the eyelash technique.
  • Care is taken to choose a curvature and spacing similar to those of natural eyelashes.
  • We avoid cracking for extra-long extensions and a maximum volume, otherwise the result will not be natural at all.
  • The ideal material for natural effect eyelash extensions is silk, but it is expensive.

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