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Through the years, the wedding industry might be doing its very best to convince us that we need a diamond engagement ring, but there’s been a serious uptick in colored engagement rings with unique, eye-catching gemstones when it comes to engagement-ring trends. Kate Middleton definitely played a part in the popularity of sapphires, but emeralds and rubies also make an appearance in our gallery. (See: Katy Perry’s vintage-inspired, flower-shaped ring from Orlando Bloom!) Don’t want to stray too far into costume jewelry? That’s where colored diamonds come in. Blake Lively owns a pink sparkler from Lorraine Schwartz that’s still referenced by brides-to-be today. You could even opt for a raw diamond for something totally unique.

Why opt for a gemstone instead? Well, there’s the obvious answer that you usually get more bang for your buck. Of course, if you pick a huge, rare sapphire, you’ll still pay millions, but a large aquamarine or tanzanite is going to cost much less than a diamond of a similar size. Not every bride wants the traditional engagement solitaire, and given that it’s a piece that’s worn every single day for the rest of someone’s life, it’s far better to go for a gemstone in a color that they love and will cherish forever.

Scroll through our gallery of gorgeous colored gemstone engagement rings (including some celebrity picks) for some inspiration that includes every shade of the rainbow, then review the different engagement-ring setting styles and shop some affordable engagement rings that look luxe, but actually cost way less.

— Additional reporting by Sarah Wasilak


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